Who we are?

At unknwn, we perform high-end IT and digital solutions by using neoteric development approaches and user-oriented designs. We provide a wide range of services for all kinds of requests, starting from website construction or single page application development to hardware integration and individual business solutions. Furthermore, we anticipate and support a multitude of utilities, and build mobile applications and cross-platform apps.

unknwn is the team behind it. It is a company that was assembled by people working in various spheres of the IT industry. We are all different, and the differences we have, led us to unite into a team. The variety of vision provided by our team members, along with the experience we have, helps us deliver projects in an elegant and engaging way.

At unknwn, every project we deliver is the outcome of our team’s collaboration. Over the years we have come to a paradigm that every business has to be digitalised, no matter if it’s a local bakery or a global enterprise solution.

Aleksey Semenov
Founder, Full-stack Developer
Valeria Kulieva
Head of Design
Maksim Ermolaev
Product Development Manager
Vlad Chokin
Designer, Frontend Developer
And 15+ more amazing people
who change the world at

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