That’s how we did it


It is very difficult for Chinese tourists to travel because of the language barrier and fraud of tour guides. They are interested in getting proven services in their own language as well as buying clothes and luxury goods from famous brands abroad, as they are rare at home.


MVP of an app with a wide range of features for Chinese tourists. Multi-applications with a variety of functionality are very familiar for Chinese users, so e-store, service market and travel guide can successfully live in one application.

Prototypes first

Our designers drew + 87 highly detailed wireframes which made the future work easier.

Sources of inspiration

The source of inspiration was russian museums and architecture of St. Petersburg. In app design we tried to combine rich russian history and modern lightness.

Tech stuff

Dev stack

We used the vue.js framework and node.js (express). Also to optimize the development process postcss and vite.


Finally we got a fast hybrid application. One code base is used for all platforms. Created a web panel for full control of the application by administrators and moderators. Provided an interface for business owners to interact with the pages of their organizations.

The result

Explore the city

The most rated places and events of the city in your phone.

Find the best deal

Catalog of favorable offers from partner stores. All transactions are protected. Free shipping within the city.

Rely on proven service

Take advantage of the proven services of сhinese speaking specialists in Russia