A group of crypto enthusiasts have addressed a request to us to build an application with a smooth graphical user interface that will automatically operate on a crypto exchange through the public API.

The Concept

While the crypto market isn’t as traditionally stable as the stock market, the technology that lays behind many cryptocurrency exchanges is highly developed and well documented. Despite this market is quite new, it follows some of the main laws based on supply and demand, and the behavior of many rates can be predicted by well constructed algorithms. An application that could automatically trade cryptocurrency according to the adaptive algo parameters is able to perform much better results when compared to manual operations. Additionally, the GUI behind the application gives the ability to adjust the algo, setting stop losses, and even manual stopping. Also, API trading through a well-developed app gives the ability to place orders with various parameters in one click, while placing the same order manually will significantly decrease the speed of operations.

The realization


The backend part of the launchpad is based on Node.js with the MongoDB database for logging the operations made by a bot.


The frontend part is written on Vue.js.


The application is designed for web platforms (simplicity of access with limited functionality, compatible even for mobile devices) and for the desktop which is made on Electron. Electron is a native desktop interface for web applications, so, to make the application run, we needed to wrap up a web workflow to a native desktop interface through Electron instruments.